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Making boxes


Our company offers the following additional services in the field of packaging production:

Consultations on creation of the right packaging concept.

We have extensive practical experience in development of packaging concepts for companies of various fields

> Design development and samples;

> Consultations on the most suitable materials;

> An individual approach to each product and customer, so that the package reaches its goal;

> Reasonable production deadlines;

> Door-to-door deliveries throughout Latvia and the EU.



Creation of the most suitable packaging concept and design


we offer modern solutions in packaging design implementation


we will find the most suitable solution in compliance with industry standards

  • creation of packaging concept
  • optimal selection of corrugated cardboard and raw materials
  • packaging design and cost optimization
  • delivery to your door within the EU
  • furniture and wood products production
  • clothing and textiles
  • printing and publishing houses
  • metal products and parts
  • electronics and components
  • logistics and transshipment
  • Web stores

INFORMATION on corrugated cardboard PACKAGING

When ordering packaging for the first time, it is important to determine the optimal brand of cardboard and box construction.

Therefore, before ordering, our specialists will ask you about:

> Packaging functions: for transport, representative, reusable and etc.

> About the desired packaging design. Generally, packaging designs are classified according to the international FEFCO classification.

> About the internal dimensions of the package, which must be specified in the following order: length x width x height, mm. (Don't forget to add 5-10 mm to the dimensions of the product, so that the product can be both conveniently placed in the packaging and gently removed from it).

> About the product to be packed: type of product (bulk or dimensional product) and maximum weight in the box, product characteristics, method of transporting and product storage, etc.


All the above questions will help to choose the most optimal, convenient and cheapest type of packaging. You can find the most important information about cardboard types in section "Useful".


We offer to make transport boxes of different sizes and shapes according to your measurements. For standard types, the minimum order quantity starts from 5 pieces.

To learn more, contact our sales specialist.


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